Schooling similar to that in France

French education abroad enables French children living outside France to follow a schooling system similar to that followed by children living in France. They follow the same curricula and take the same diplomas (brevet, baccalauréat). This means that children whose parents live in different countries in succession can enjoy a coherent education, from kindergarten to the end of secondary school.

To take account of the local context (language, culture), specific ways of implementing programs and teaching objectives are possible, as well as adjustments to the school calendar and timetable, while respecting the annual volume of teaching hours.

French schools abroad contribute to strengthening cooperative relations between French and foreign education systems, to the benefit of students and to France’s cultural influence. In 2019, they will welcome 370,000 students worldwide, 40% of whom will be French and 60% foreign.

Establishments approved by the French Ministry of Education

French educational establishments abroad are subject to an accreditation procedure by the Ministry of Education, attesting to their compliance with the curricula, teaching objectives and organizational rules applicable in France to public educational establishments. They are renewed every five years.

Inspectors from the French Ministry of Education regularly visit schools to assess compliance with these criteria at different levels of education. The official list of approved establishments is published each year in the Journal officiel de la République française.

Language courses

Multilingualism and openness to the world

Throughout their schooling, students can choose to follow courses in different modern languages: English, Khmer, Spanish and Chinese (AES), in order to prepare our students for international careers. All EFSR language teachers are native speakers.

English language teaching at EFSR aims to make English a second mother tongue for students. The Lycée Descartes in Phnom Penh, EFSR’s preferred partner for the Lycée, offers an International French Baccalaureate; our linguistic approach prepares our students to enter this International French Baccalaureate stream.

English is taught for 2 hours a week in kindergarten, 3 to 5 hours in elementary school and 4 to 5 hours in junior high school. To further strengthen English language skills, EMILE (Enseignement d’une Matière Intégrée à une Langue Étrangère) has been in place since September 2015. Science and history, for example, are taught in English by an English-speaking teacher, and the learning of English also extends to certain extra-curricular activities led by English-speaking instructors.

Introduction to the Khmer language is also part of the program, with 2 hours of lessons a week from kindergarten onwards, taught by a Cambodian teacher with a national education diploma.

Our teaching methods

The strength of our school lies in its combination of qualified teachers and motivated students from a wide range of nationalities and cultures. As such, our school is a place for learning about respect for others and inclusion. Each pupil is treated sympathetically, in his or her uniqueness and special educational needs, and receives the attention he or she needs to progress.

The school aims to develop children’s intellectual curiosity while providing them with the keys to understanding the world around them.

Inclusive school

The aim of our school is to provide an individualized path to success from kindergarten to high school, helping each student to achieve his or her full potential. potential potential abilities. Teachers support students, as do parents, who play a fundamental role at home.

For our students with special educational needs, the EFSR teaching team, in agreement with the parents, proposes an action plan and draws up a specific teaching plan that best meets their schooling needs. The school-family partnership is a fundamental lever for the development and success of our students.

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